Target Targa 2015

The 2015 Targa Newfoundland rally is in BEL Racing's crosshairs.

Top Teams at Targa

BEL Racing to compete with top teams from around the world.

Team Selection Now

BEL Racing builds a strong team for 2015 Targa Newfoundland.

BEL Racing Prepares for Targa 2015

BEL Racing is preparing for participation in the 2015 Targa Newfoundland Rally being held in Newfoundland from September 13 to 18, 2015. The Targa Rally is a 2,2000 kilometer race held each year on the paved roads of the eastern and central parts of Newfoundland over a seven-day period in September.


The event is designed to allow owners and drivers to test the limits of both their vehicle and skills in a rally competition. In the event each vehicle competes against itself on a handicap basis as well as against other vehicles.


BEL Racing will compete at the event's top level, the Targa, where the objective is to meet or better the stage times set by the organizers for the age, displacement and modification level of the vehicle.

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