Brad Law – Team Manager / Team Driver

Brad Law provides team management and is responsible for team financing through the development of sponsorship opportunities and relationships. A lifelong enthusiast of all things that go fast, Brad is a relative new comer to competitive road racing with his first time behind the wheel of a purpose built race car coming in 2011. His racing career is currently focused on driving a formula Continental open wheel formula race car in club and conference events and the promotion of that class of racing in the Pacific Northwest region.

Chris Lewoniuk – Logistics / Team Driver

Chris Lewoniuk has the always important job of dealing with the race teams logistical needs to enable the smooth and successful race events for the team members and race car drivers. Chris has just begun his racing career upgrading to a senior race licence in 2014. He is developing his driving skills in the world of closed wheel racing piloting a modified track road racing Honda S2000.

Alan McColl – Crew Chief / Team Targa Driver

Alan McColl is the consummate car fanatic and gear head, working since his youth in and around cars and motorcycles on two continents. Alan has been a dominant presence in motorsport racing for three decades on motorcycles, in karts, as well as open and closed wheel cars on rally and road courses. Alan’s long history, and depth of knowledge keep the team and race car driver on the track and competitive. Alan is currently focused on Formula Ford driving and the growth of that class in the club and vintage worlds.

Len Swanson – Mechanic

Lenny Swanson brings over 20 years experience as a mechanic to the BEL Racing Targa Newfoundland team.

Doug Floer – Marketing / Team Targa Driver

Doug Floer provides marketing support and development and manages the electronic profile and social media for the BEL Racing team. Doug has been an avid motorsport enthusiast for many years, starting with motorcycles, karts, and now open wheel Formula race cars. Doug currently races in the Formula Ford class at Mission Raceway Park and contributes to the growth and development of that class.

John MacDonald – Team Magician / Passenger

John MacDonald is friend and supporter of motorsport racing in Western Canada and has, in particular, enabled racers and race teams to participate in motorsport events with generosity and great humor.

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